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Let's talk bikes and gear - (888) 231-2453
Let's talk bikes and gear - (888) 231-2453

July 28, 2016

Mike and Nate were amazing! After not riding a bike for many years I was reintroduced to biking and stopped in the store for a new bike. As soon as I walked in the door I was approached with an offer to help in any way. I had many questions about the kind of bike I needed for the bike riding I planned to do. They were very patient and helpful and helped me select THE perfect bike for me. I have been riding ever since and love my new bike!!!
Thank you guys. AND, by the way, I received a thank you note and an 'It's Your World Ride It' glass from the owners, Debbie & Mike Simmons. You guys are AWESOME!
-Cindy R
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