July 27, 2016


I have had the GREAT fortune to get to know Rod (when he was there) and Mike Macare as my LBS in Encinitas.

Just for context: I’ve personally purchased the following w Mikes help (arm twisting, tempting, goading….):

1.       Giant Trance XO as the “starte” mtn bike. Which I sold to a buddy of mine (too cheaply!) who, btw, is NOW also a BW fan and customer;

2.       SC 5010c, XX1 build—with upgrades cuz I’m weird like that;

3.       My wife’s SC 5010, which mike helped me pimp out cuz the bride likes pretty colors to matchy matchy so we swapped out stem, pedals, seat post ring for blue ones to go w the paint scheme;

4.       I do ALL scheduled maintenance thru BW Encinitas. Why? Mike KNOWS I require the best for my rig—in performance, and therefore, in fixes, maintenance.

Mike ALWAYS goes the extra. Love him for that.

Now if you would only get him to actually decide to PEDAL a bike rather than just wuss shuttle….

Peace to you,

Fred Hale.

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