July 1, 2017

Just wanted to personally reach out and say Ryan at the Temecula store stepped up big today, again. Came in for a price differential on the Trance 2 I bought 2 weeks ago, had to wait for Ryan to get done with another customer because he did the the transaction the first time. Ryan really stands out more there, more genuine. I wanted to buy more items with the savings so he walked me through to the shoes and helmet. $6.45 was what you owed me, the Wife will be thrilled! I really didn't need anything else. Hope he wins a prize for being best in sales or another best in customer relations if you have an extra Bronson or Nomad at the end of the year, he earned it cause as long as he's there you've earned my loyalty. I will be in the market for one of those 2 in the near future, so I'll be back.

Thanks for your time, Derrick W

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