February 12, 2017

I can't say enough about the people here. I went to another bike shop in Temecula TWO YEARS ago and they refused to do what I asked them to do. I needed my seat pole cut down a tiny bit to accommodate a beach cruiser seat. Even though I explained to the other shop that I don't ride my $500 bike because I can't touch the ground, they said that's how it's supposed to be and that's what is right for your knees.

I explained that I am not a cyclist but would only be riding a couple miles at a time because I was trying to get fit. They refused. I told them I understand that my form would not be ideal but that I'd be cruising my neighborhood. Still refused.

I was soooo discouraged and have not been on my bike since. I decided it was time to get back on so I called BW and they told me to bring it in. They actually cared when I explained and said if I wasn't comfortable, I wasn't going to ride. EXACTLY! They also fixed something with my brake/chain and were so wonderful about everything. Not pretentious and didn't try to up sell me. If I ever need anything, I'm going here and you should too! ***Oh and apparently I put my seat on backward and he caught and fixed that!
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