Feb. 7, 2019

Hi Ken and Debbe!
Thank you so much for the two boxes that I received, they were written my name on them. I found the following equipment in the boxes, 
  • A box containing Gear cables
  • A box containing Brake cables
  • A box containing Gear cable housing
  • A box containing Brake cable housing
  • A torn box of brake shoes for MTB and BMXes and BMX chains
  • A box of tools
The equipment will assist the project to fulfill most of its activities, we are indeed very grateful for this equipment. Please pass my sincere thanks to all your friends and colleagues who contributed in making it happen.
Thank you once again, and I am looking forward to working with you in future projects. please don't hesitate to ask me anything you would like to know about the project. 
Future Stars project and Teboho's bikeshop, are doing all they could to develop and educate the youth and interested old people. The activities in the project assist in making people to keep their physical fitness. 
Future Stars has the aim of producing some of the best bike riders in the country, as they could turn this into income generating projects, by using their skill they acquired from Future Stars. 
We will send you our 2018 annual report once is done.
Kindest Regards
Teboho Lenyora
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