December 5, 2017
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December 5, 2017

I was looking for an affordable bicycle with hydraulic disc brakes and tubeless tires. I was shown the Giant Contend SL 1. When I test rode the bike I was not impressed with the braking and the overall fit. After being assured by Brian Cannon that the brakes were new and needed a break-in period. He and the staff offered to break-in the brakes for me. I said no thank you and that I would do it myself. I rode the bike for a better part of fifteen minutes. Afterwards, I asked to raised the saddle and adjust the stem along with the handle bar height. Remember that I have not agree nor paid for the bike at this point but nonetheless Brian continued to make the adjustment without pressuring me to purchase the bike. All the adjustment were made to the overall fit of the bike and I purchased the bike because at this point the bike was of my liking. It was a great buying experience and I am happy with the Giant Contend SL 1.

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