December 30, 2016

Dear Debbe,

I would like to share with you a positive experience that I had recently at your Encinitas store. I just had a $200 USD plus complete overhaul done on my newly acquired 1998 Trek Y Foil 77 bicycle.

A week later I had also purchased some new clincher tires to enhance the gorgeous gold sparkle paint that was part of the original paint color of this rare Trek model, allegedly made for Lance Armstrong's time trial event in a Tour de France.

I have successfully competed in international road races when I was much younger but I had never used anything but sew-up tires. Consequently I returned to your store for some assistance with my new bike and my clincher tires. After I explained what I needed, your employee Danny kindly volunteered to show me how to remove and put on clincher tires. Danny provided me with great first class customer service that will always make me a repeat customer at the Bicycle Warehouse. There are other bicycle shops closer to my home. However, due to the premiere customer service that your employee has so generously rendered to me, I will make sure that the other cyclists I know in this area are aware of how your employees treat your customers.

I would like to request that you commend Danny on my behalf for willingly providing me with the outstanding customer service that should be integral of any first class business such as your Encinitas Bicycle Warehouse.

Thank you again for the great service. Of course I hope that you have a happy and most prosperous 2017.

Most sincerely,

Tom Cotter
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