December 18, 2016

To start off with may I wish you and your family ,as well as all the staffs at all the stores specialty the staff at the Temecula store that has bought new meaning to something I once enjoy years ago and has made riding a great joy to me.
But enough about me and to the man and his staff ,BRAIN CANNON how to put it to words except that if he would not have been running your Temecula store when I walk in less than a year ago I might have walk out like I did in other stores in the area when I came looking for a bike to start riding again. And Brain with his cheerful as well as knowledgeable forte which made selling me on my first giant bicycles without a second thought and even now having upgrade from my Talon 3 to a Trance 2 which I hope will give me more to work with I hope to start to enjoy riding soon. I know I could write more but I don’t want to bore anyone.

Sign Gary H Mayes , One who choose to ride the path less travel
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