Dec. 29, 2018

Hi Debbe,

I just wanted to send you and the Bicycle Warehouse team members a Giant Thank You 

This year, I somehow managed to ride over 12,000 miles and it wouldn’t have been possible without the influence of Paul Cornish and the support of the Bicycle Warehouse team members (especially the Temecula location).

I met Paul in 2017 when I was out riding the streets on a Motobecane FLY 9357 hardtail.  I’d fallen so many times mountain biking that I was just riding the bike on the streets.  I always ride solo but one day I caught up to Paul and he started talking to me while we travelled up Whitewood (in Murrieta, CA).  He gave me lots of tips, told me he was the father of the Race Across America (RAAM), told me I need to get a rode bike, and drilled the importance of being clipped in instead of using running shoes while riding.  He actually invited me to his home on the same ride to give me a pair of cycling shoes.  We had a lot in common and I had visited him a few times since we met.  Even though he is gone now (was hit by someone in a stolen car) I will never forget what he taught me.  He is the reason I became a road cyclist.

The Temecula Bicycle Warehouse location is like a home away from home for me.  I try to stop in whenever I’m passing by and the guys always make me feel welcome.  Actually, they call out my name when I come through the door (like “Norm” from Cheers).  I’ll miss some of the guys that are no longer around since they also had a hand in my journey to 12,000+ miles for 2018 and 16,000+ lifetime miles on the 2017 Giant Defy Advanced 1 I bought in late May 2017. 

The Chula Vista Bicycle Warehouse location is like my 2nd home away from home (actually about 1 mile from my grandma’s house).  Whenever I’m visiting family in San Diego I try to stop in to visit with Marcos, Juan, and Gilbert.  Also, I’m more likely to run into Ulyssis down here as well.

I can’t begin to list all the things the guys have done or helped me with but here are a few:

  • Adrian called me when I didn’t show up to the shop like I usually do to make sure I was okay
  • Austin has probably had his hands on my bike the most and is one of my Strava Beacon contacts
  • Ryan discovered a hole in my rim after a screw punctured my tire earlier in the day (I had 4 or 5 flats during that ride)
  • Went on a ride with Marcos (he was the third person I have ridden.  First was Dad and second was Paul)
  • Ulyssis noticed a few of the bolts were loose and tighten them up

A few Strava stats for 2018:

Distance: 12,026.0 Miles

Time: 770 hours 16 minutes

Elevation Gain: 349,997 feet

Rides: 380

Days Active: 258

Managed to ride almost everyday between May 3 to November 25.


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