August 20, 2017

I want to commend your Chula Vista team of Gilbert, Carlos and Ulysses for their super customer service and professionalism. They are true assets to your company. My Giant Defy is still in for service, but so far my experience with the guys at Chula Vista has been great. They're patient, polite, and do their best to ensure me that my bike is in good hands and will come back from its Master Tune Up better than it ever was. What especially stands out for me is that I brought my bike in last week near closing time, as Gilbert and Carlos were already swamped with other guests, and they never cracked under the pressure. They handled me and everyone else with a degree of patience and professionalism that is rare these days with other bike shops that are employed by kids who just want to get their industry discount and punch their time card. (I worked for NiteRider's customer service department for nearly ten years, so I've dealt with bike shops around the country--good and bad) Whatever Bicycle Warehouse is doing to have the best staff possible is absolutely working, so keep it up!
To the entire team at the Chula Vista store, thank you!
Warm regards,
Richie Sanque
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