April 30, 208

I love my new bike. I didn't realize just how much of a difference a bike can make - probably trying to convince myself of that while riding my aluminum road bike (which has taken me through may miles and events)!

I'll be taking it to Wildflower this weekend as I'm doing the Olympic tri on Sunday. I'll be sure to send you a few photos and post on IG and FB.

I would also like to reiterate what a great experience I had buying for you and how helpful Jesse was. I especially love that no-one tried to push me into something I didn't need, listened to what I did want and was in no way condescending about my cycle knowledge. Jesse took the time to fit me properly and put me on the right bike (I can say that having ridden it a few times now, especially up some big hills). Jesse was very helpful and patient and explained many things to me. This kind of customer care is why I came back to purchase my road bike having previously bought first my twins beach cruisers and later a mountain bike from your store.

Thanks again.


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