April 3, 2018

As usual, I received fantastic service, from Michael Hendrix, who I understnd normally works at the San Marcos location. I had called on thursday night (after snapping a seat post) and asked to have it set aside for me. Before payhing for the post, I had acouple of quesitons for Michael-because the last time I was there, Austin and I had been discussing my getting one of the new Giant Fathoms, and he had even showed me the Santa Cruz Chamelion.

I explained to Michael that I was not sure if I wanted to go full suspension or not (being that I have never ridden one-and primarily ride cross country, and as he explained the benefits to me...we took a look at the Santa Cruz TALLBOY. Although there was not one in the shop-he did offer to put pedals on a similar model and let me take it for a ride...

For the record, I live .3 miles from JAX, but will ride over to the Bicycle Warehouse, because:
A) the prices there, for the things I have needed, have always been less; and
B) because the items I need have always been in stock there

Within the next month, I will be doing an upgrade to my current bike AND purchasing a new one. When the time comes...I will be doing so at the Bicycle warehouse. They HAVE kept me rolling...

Thanks to you and your great staff!!!
Mark Lindblom