April 10, 2017

Hi Debbe!

Thank you so much for the follow up email. Im sure this might be a generic follow up for all customers but in no way was our encounter with Marcus a generic or regular encounter. He really went above and beyond any service we have ever received at a Bicycle warehouse or any of the other places we have invested in for bikes.

We have a total of 9 bikes all from different places. All great quality bikes but none came with the service quality and genuine investment to his client like that in which we received at your San Marcos location. From the time we walked in he made us feel right at home, and that there was no rush to buy and get out. We spent a good almost 3 or 4 hours in the store that day. He was very attentive to us AND the other customer's who walked in for questions and service. In the end my husband and I felt good about the decision to buy two of the bikes that came highly recommended by Marcus. At the point of applying for another synchrony sport account we hit a hurdle. We explained to him that we already have a synchrony sport account through Performance Bicycle that has been paid off for some time with an open available credit of 4K. Hoping to get the amount we needed through Synchrony to finance our bikes with Bicycle Warehouse synchrony account, we were sadly only approved for the same amount of our Performance card but needed a little more stretch in our budget on the two bikes. Marcus fought as hard as a realtor fighting for an escrow to close. He really thought outside of the box and made us feel too important to let us go so easily. He made a call or two and worked with our budget and never once made us feel like he had wasted his time and efforts on us. We were able to leave with our two new babies and not feel like we were way out of our league on so many different levels. The Trance and Avail are the next step up from what we already have. We are so proud of them and the knowledge we left Bicycle Warehouse with because of Marcus. Because of him your organization has won over our loyalty and we would not think twice to recommend your stores to our friends and family. Thank you for allowing your experts treat your customer like people who are there because they genuinely love the sport... not just a number through the door.

This email is long over due. I had called Marcus shortly after our purchase to get your email but misplaced the paper I had written it on and so life with children happens and time flies by without realizing. A million thank you's to having such amazing, talented, knowledgable and genuine gent's like Marcus representing your organization.

Blessings to you and your's.

Jasmine and Marcos Cardona

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