May 30, 2016

Hi there, just want to thank you for the great customer service we received when we visited your Carmel Mountain Ranch store over Mothers Day weekend (and two weeks prior to that). We purchased two Talon Giants. Mitch and Matt were very knowledgeable and explained the differences between the bikes you had in your store and what they knew about the other bikes we were looking at at other stores. We were on the fence between Specialist and Giant. Last summer we purchased two specialists bikes (men's smalls) for our twin 10 year olds boys from Black Mountain Bicycles. We really wanted to get larger versions for ourselves but we had such an awful experience at black mountain bicycles that it made our decision easy and we decided to purchase from you. I told my boyfriend before we purchased the bikes that I couldn't tell much of a difference between specialist and giant, but I would rather buy from a place where they appreciated our business and didn't treat us like they were doing us a favor by allowing us in their store. Thanks again! We love our new bikes!!! We will be sure to come back for our next bikes....which shouldn't be long with our boys!

Karina Fidler

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