April 18, 2016

Hello Debbe,

I hope you’re doing well.  I wanted to let you know that my family and I visited your Carmel Mountain store this past Sunday.  We received “above and beyond” service from Matt Johnson.  He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant, and service oriented.  It was a great experience for my family and me.  We originally walked into your store without any intention on purchasing a bicycle.  In fact, your store was the first bicycle store we visited.  We wanted to shop around to gain a better understanding of our options, prices and educate ourselves…  We spent about thirty minutes looking around and asking Matt questions.  Based on the level of service we received from Matt, we not only didn’t need to shop around but we purchased two bicycles.  We bought a bicycle for my wife and one for my ten year old daughter. 

What impressed me most was Matt’s ability to take the time to fully understand my family’s needs.  He listened, asked questions and was empathetic.  He made sure I was comfortable by alleviating my concerns over price and safety.  Matt took the time to fit my girls with helmets and even helped direct them to their color of choice.  I can’t say enough about the phenomenal service Matt provided.  I feel bad as I didn’t ask the name of Matt’s colleague in the store who also helped me with loading the bicycles in our vehicle.  He was a class act as well.

I was so impressed with your new store & the service my family received that I’ve told several friends & colleagues.  We will be back into your store on your grand opening day and will purchase another bicycle for myself!

In my career, I’m in the service industry as well.  We usually only hear about the “bad stuff” but I’ve learned that it’s important to comment and recognize excellent service (“above and beyond”) when I see it.

Thank you for opening your store in Carmel Mountain!  It’s great to have you in our neighborhood.  I will be sure to champion your store and my experience!

Best regards,

Dave Bell

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