April 17, 2016

Carlos is a real professional. I Really appreciated that fact that he didn't sale me on a bicycle just to close a sale like most of the bike shop I have been too, instead he was very helpful in finding the perfect bicycle for what I needed. Most importantly it was like he said about a dozen times " It is not the price of the bike the counts the most, it's how Comfortable you feel riding on it". This was my second visit to this store the first time I went it was raining and Carlos made it clear that because I didn't know much about bikes I really needed to test them out and feel the ride. Came back on a sunny day, road two of the three Carlos recommended and really understood what he was talking about with being comfortable on a bike. I got a Giant 5 with everything I need to get me going. Great store, Outstanding customer service, everyone there takes pride in what they do. Special thanks to Carlos for all his help.
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