February 26, 2016

Markus, and Debbie, Great service and support to your customers is not always selling a good product. what makes a company great is what they do when a problem arrises. I bought 2 ST1 bikes from Bicycle Warehouse last year. To say I have had major issues is an understatement. At this point I do need to go over all the issues. The support I got from Bicycle Warehouse and Stromer HAS BEEN GREAT!! Both companies tried to repair my bike numerous times. but the issues kept reoccurring. Joel Finally offered my replacement bikes.

Getting the new bikes seems to have solved the problems. What was exceptional was the support I got from Joel at stromer and Ulyssis at BW. They always got back to me to answer my questions and keep me informed on the progress in repairing the bikes. They listened to my issues and tried to do the repairs in a timely manner. sometimes a bike or a car is just not right. I think that was the case here. Please feel free to give out my email to anyone thinking of buying your product Debbe Ulyssis and his team have been great supporting me and numerous friends I have sent into BW. I put him on the same level at Joel. As a side note I feel E bikes are going to get bigger and bigger in the US. Stromer makes the BMW of E bikes in my mind.

Thank you for having good people work for STROMER and Bicycle Warehouse

Roy Woods

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