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Let's talk bikes and gear - (888) 231-2453
Let's talk bikes and gear - (888) 231-2453

November 1, 2015

Debbe... I asked Ulyssis for you eMail because I wanted to let Bicycle Warehouse management know how impressed I was with Ulyssis from technical knowledge, to sales support to service.    

I'm a CAT 3 and have raced for many invitational team have have a suite of bikes some costing over $10K and this was my first time back to a Bicycle Warehouse since buying a 29er single speed at your PB location where I was less impressed.

Ulyssis single handedly totally turned around my impression of Bicycle Warehouse.  It was do to his style, knowledge, and skill I dropped over $7K into a new Stromer ST2 for my wife and couldn't be happier!

Just wanted to let you know you have a model employee in Ulyssis and he should be the model for all your stores....

Be sure to express to him my many thanks...

Mike Ash

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