July 7, 2015

Hello I'm alby

And I want to to tell you my experience when I went in I was a frist time buyer, and to be honest, I don't know much about bikes. I bought my bike from the Chula Vista location not to long ago Out the sales clerks that were on the first day, I went in Luis was the one to help me out. He let me test ride the 3 bikes I had in mind Although the carbon fiber one was a really nice rice I wasn't able to afford it. The day after I went in Luis was there again, and he helped me finalize my decision, by informing me about different things about the bikes, pros and cons, etc. He helped me get measured, told me about things you had at the store, got me the right equipment that I need and informed me very well on the services that you guys do at the store. Unfortunately the first day, with my bike, I get a flat And a couple more with in 2 weeks I didn't think it was a big deal, until the chain started skipping. But before I even thought about callings he store, Luis gave me a call He wanted to see how the bike was working out for me, I love it despite its little flaws. I told him what was happening with the bike, with out hesitation he insisted on bringing the bike in. Sure enough, Luis and the gang got my bike going like new. And with in a week Luis gave me another call, just to make sure that everything was going fine. Of course it was, but I was planning on getting shoes. And luis stepped up again without hesitation. The next week I go in to get shoes. And same as before explained everything to me, which and why would work better for me. In conclusion, He definitely knows what he is doing and selling. He has definitely has given me one of my best shopping experience I have ever had. And he cares a lot on what he does, a guy that goes above and beyond to help a guest out. Keep up the excellent work.

Have a great day

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