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The most precious commodity we have today is our time. Most of us hate when our time is wasted and shopping tops the time wasting list for many. You not only have to deal with the fact that most companies lie to you by promising a higher level of service then you will ever receive. You have to deal with apathetic employees who on a good day can only offer an "ok" experience.

Is it any wonder that the self check out line is more popular then line staffed by so called qualified people. Is it any wonder that online ordering is steadily taking business away from brick and mortar stores. It's no wonder to us. We realize expectations are high. "I want it when I want it and where I want it" is the new norm for most consumers. Price has become less the issue over convenience and saving precious time.

Nowadays you can get any product or service delivered wherever you want. In recognition of these shifts we decided to offer the option of us coming to you instead of making you come to us. I know, it took us long enough. We agree, it's long overdue.  

We are now offering our own "Ready to Ride" Home Delivery Service to most of Southern California for online bike orders. We professionally build your bike and hand deliver it to you at your home or office. We customize your bike on site with a couple final adjustments it's "Ready to Ride". We’ll even bring our most popular accessories in case you need anything else to enjoy your adventures.

 Delivery diagram

Step 1

Pick Out Your New Bike

Step 2

Place an Order

Step 3

We’ll contact you to schedule a delivery time & location

Step 4

One of our delivery trucks is dispatched 

Step 5

One of our experts will hand deliver your new bike and make final adjustments to fit you perfectly


This time saving service is only $25 for deliveries within 50 miles of our stores and $75 within 50-100 miles. It covers San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County and most of Southern California. Try it out. Just buy your bike on our website and select the Home Delivery Option. We look forward to getting you rolling in style.

This new service will also build a foundation to begin offering concierge shopping. We plan on being able to bring a small bike store to your door. Imagine us rolling up to your doorstep with a nicely curated group of bikes and accessories that are perfect for the type of riding you plan on doing. You can test everything out and pick what you like. We'll keep you posted as this gets developed.

"It's your world, Ride it"



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