Are you visible to drivers on the road?

Stay alert and bright while riding on the road:

A good set of lights adds even more protection. A white front light enables you to not only better see hazards such a potholes and glass more clearly but will also make you more visible to people in cars turning in front of you or opening their doors. A red rear light will help in keeping people driving behind you from rear-ending you.  Reflective ankle straps and pedals are additional options to increase your visibility to others. Bright clothing is also highly recommend. Stay visible, stay safe! It's the law to have a front and rear light when riding at night. The more visible you are to drivers the better chances you have of them moving around you. Use flashing front and rear lights even during the day.

When entering the roadway, yield to other road users. Make eye contact with other road users to ensure that they see you before you join traffic. 

Other Visibility Techniques:

Light, brightly colored and/or reflective clothing
Reflective Stickers
Helmets that have built in light holders
Lights on wheels


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