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Your new mountain bike arrives from Bicycle Warehouse with most of the hard work already taken care of to make it as easy as possible for you to get out and riding those trails. It's easy for experienced wrenchers and beginners alike. Just follow these simple steps:

 Assembly Time

Level 1 - "Never-Ever"

Never assembled a bike and working with tools isn't your forte'
Assembly Time 60-80 minutes

Level 2 - "I'm Handy"

Never assembled a bike yet you are pretty mechanically handy.
Assembly Time 40-50 minutes

Level 3 - "DIY Bike Mechanic"

Never fully assembled a bike but have done a little bike tuning
Assembly Time 30-40 minutes

Level 4 - "Certified"

You’re a skilled bicycle mechanic
Time yourself, I bet you can assemble this bike in less than 10 minutes

 Tools Needed

  • 4, 5mm Hex Allen Keys* (comes with bicycle)
  • 15mm Pedal Wrench or 6mm Allen * (comes with bicycle)
  • Bike Grease*
  • Bicycle Tire Pump*
  • #2 Phillips Head and Flathead Screwdriver *
  • Box Cutter or Strong Scissors
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Cable Cutters
  • Shock Pump* (comes with some bicycles)

This video from our friends at Diamondback guides you through all of the steps of building a full-suspension bike. If you're building a hardtail not to worry, just skip the dropper post and rear-suspension sections.

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